Workshop: How Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Makes a Difference: Are you Culturally Competent?

Location: Balboa (first floor).

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is a person’s capability for successful adaptation to new cultural settings, that is, for unfamiliar settings attributable to cultural context (Earley & Ang). It is only recently that cultural intelligence has surfaced as an element that can increase job performance, personal well-being, and profitability. Cultural intelligence isn’t specific to a particular culture – rather it focuses on the capability to function effectively in culturally diverse situations. This workshop will discuss an overview of cultural intelligence, its four capabilities, how it may be applied within the information profession, and how to improve upon your own CQ.

Participants of this session will learn:

  • What is cultural intelligence (CQ)
  • How can cultural intelligence be used as a practical tool for embracing differences and increasing work performance
  • How to improve your own CQ capabilities
  • How to apply CQ within the information profession


Michele A. L. Villagran, University of North Texas