Conference Proceedings

Invited Papers

Web-scale discovery: Utopian dream or dystopian nightmare (or maybe something in between)?, Will Breitbach

Valuing our Colleagues, Valuing Diversity: Addressing Microaggressions in Academic Libraries, Cynthia Mari Orozco



Shifting from “stuff” to students: Moving toward constructivism using the ACRL Framework, Allison Carr & Talitha Matlin


Contributed Papers

Finding Our Value in Lower Usage Numbers: An Examination of Reference Services & Demand Driven Acquisitions, Elizabeth S. Namei & Stacy R. Williams

Demonstrating the Academic Library’s Value through Research Data Management Services, Kathryn M. Houk, Jordan Nielsen, & Jenny Wong-Welch

Student Persistence: How the Library Makes a Difference, Wil Weston

Following the Evidence: Using Assessment to Inform Online Instruction and Demonstrate Library Value Across Campus, Tricia Lantzy

Value in Digital Humanities: Assessing Student Learning from Library Internships, Sarah Fay Philips & Carly Marino

The Library and Student Affairs: Partnerships to Achieve Student Success, Janet Pinkley & Kaela Casey

Faculty, Students, and Perceptions of Library Value, Ann Agee & Bernd Becker

Who’s the BOSS: Building Joint Value into a Student Advisory Board, Dani Cook

Business Librarianship (Em)powered: Valuing Critical Information Literacy over Profit, Kenny Garcia

That Isn’t Me: Self Identity and Keyword Choice, Maryann Hight

Reframing the Narrative: Librarians as Innovators in the Past and Present, Daniel S. Ransom

Understanding the Archives: Experiences of Librarians and Archivists, Diana Wakimoto



Assessment in Action Program: Four Perspectives in its Value to Librarians, Institutions and Students, Sharon Radcliff, Stephanie Alexander, Gina Kessler Lee,  & Sara Davidson Squibb

How Do We Advocate for Underrepresented Students?: A Panel on How Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice Value the Student Experience, Anthony Sanchez, Lua Gregory, Talitha Matlin


Best Practice

Demonstrating the Value of Critical Information Literacy: One Library’s Online Critical Information Literacy Laboratory, Gina Schlesselman-Tarango


IG Showcases

DIAL: Black Lives Matter: How Librarians Can Serve As Allies (Program), Melina Abdullah, Ken Lyons, Safiya Noble, Gayatri Singh

SCIL: Critical Pedagogy & Social Justice, Gina Schlesselman-Tarango



Going Green Together: Promoting Sustainability and Campus Collaborations (Abstract and Brochure), Gayatri Singh, Rachel Myers, Kim Kane, Heather Hayashi

My Library: Demonstrating Library Value While Building Confident Developmental English Library Users (Abstract), Ellen Carey, Elizabeth Bowman

Guide to the Library: Student Created Infographics (Abstract), Claire Sharifi

“I’ll be your mirror”: Using a “critical friend” group to critically reflect on our teaching, Allison Carr, Torie Quinonez

Cultivating Value by Facilitating Discovery (Abstract), David Drexler & George Wrenn

Cinderella Ain’t Got Nothing on Us: Teaching Faculty Microagressions towards Librarians (Abstract), Ahmed Alwan, Joy Doan

Student Leadership at the Reference Desk: Overcoming Obstacles to Student Success (Abstract), Juliana Morley, Stacie Schmidt

Inspired by the Framework: A New Information Literacy Test (Abstract), April Cunningham

Cataloging is Beautiful (Abstract), Jane Rosario, Jean M. Dickinson

The Value of Libraries: Outreaching to our Child Development Center (Abstract), Sally Romero

Space Invaders: Measuring Use and Satisfaction through Mixed Methods, Nataly Blas, Denise Blanchet, Jennifer Masunaga

Valuing People, Valuing Spaces: Connecting with Community (Abstract), Kevin Ross, Carolyn Radcliff

Introducing CORA (Community of Online Research Assignments): Extending Librarian’s Value in a Virtual Community of Practice (Abstract), Lindsey McLean, Susan [Garder] Archambault


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