Workshop: Leveraging Library Expertise in Developing Open Educational Resource (OER) Initiatives

Location: San Diego/San Pedro (second floor).

This workshop will enable participants to prepare an action plan for promoting open educational resources (OER) and affordable learning materials for their institution. As the cost of higher education continues to rise for students, and institutions face increasing budgetary constraints, the need for implementing low- or no-cost course materials becomes imperative. The library plays an important role in OER initiatives by leveraging our expertise in finding, organizing, and evaluating sources, as well as assisting faculty with instructional design to incorporate OERs in their courses. The presenters will share their own experience designing and implementing a year-long project to promote OERs and affordable learning materials on a university campus.

During the workshop, participants will create a toolkit that will include defined goals, potential campus partnerships, and a set of library resources that support faculty making their courses more affordable. This hands-on, practical workshop will empower librarians to utilize their expertise in a new and different way that will have a direct impact on students. Participants will leave with a detailed strategy for leveraging their library and campus resources to make higher education more affordable for students.


Laurie Borchard, California State University, Northridge

Lauren Magnuson, California State University, Northridge