Workshop: Mission and Values – Academic Libraries On The Frontline

Location: Balboa (first floor).

Academic libraries thrive and hold a central place on campus when they co-create value with students by satisfying and engaging them in ways that no network systems can, regardless of sophistication. In a creative, fun, and supportive environment, workshop participants will explore ways in which academic libraries can support students’ needs for innovation, intellectual stimulation, inclusion, and social responsibility. In this interactive workshop, we will share how the Gellert Library demonstrates its value to Notre Dame de Namur University by integrating the university’s social-justice centered mission into library activities. Our workshop activities will foster collaborative dialogues and constructive possibilities to produce dynamic, mission-driven library environments where students can emerge from being mere users to becoming creators and advocates for their libraries. Social justice, community engagement, and diversity are among the core values of Notre Dame de Namur University. Over the past year, the Gellert Library has implemented high-impact and participatory programming to deepen students’ understanding of social justice issues; expose them to diverse perspectives; stimulate their creativity; and cultivate proactive engagement. In collaboration with student bodies such as Black Student Union, LGBTQ group, and NDNU Community Engagement Interns as well as program directors in spirituality and social justice, the library hosts movie nights focused on social justice issues and creates displays and exhibits that challenge students to think beyond accepted paradigms and engage in powerful discourses on possibilities of social change.  Art supplies will be provided. Participants need to bring only their enthusiasm, creativity, and generosity to this session.


Sanjyot Selkirk, Notre Dame de Namur University

Mary Wegmann , Notre Dame de Namur University