IG Showcase: SCORE: “Free Range Research: The Open Access Policy Lifecycle from Beginning Outreach to Implementation and Automation.”

Location: San Diego/San Pedro (second floor).

Scholarly communication and academic publishing continues to evolve and adapt to market changes and ever-shrinking budgets. Several higher education institutions, both nationally and internationally have instituted Open Access policies for their faculty.[1] One of the driving forces that will impact faculty at California institutions is California’s Taxpayer Access to Publically Funded Research Act (AB609). This law, effective January 1, 2015, requires the final copy of any peer-reviewed research funded by California State Department of Public Health to be made publically accessible within 12 months of publication. This is the first state-level mandate of access to funded research.


How do you talk about Open Access on your campus? Maybe you want to open the conversation, but you aren’t sure where to start. Or perhaps your campus is already working on an Open Access policy, and you are starting to think about implementation, potential workflows, automation, education, and outreach to your campus community. The Scholarly Communication and Open Resources for Education (SCORE) Interest Group has brought together a panel of practitioners from two campuses at different phases of OA Policy implementation.

Presented by:

Martin J. Brennan and Roxanne Peck from UCLA will discuss the campus implementation of a systemwide OA Policy.

Carmen Mitchell from Cal State San Marcos will speak from the perspective of a campus that is drafting a new OA Policy, with the aim to implement it in 2016.

Shilpa Rele from Loyola Marymount University will talk about outreach to (and working with) faculty members on a campus that does not have an OA policy, but has a very active repository.

[1] http://roarmap.eprints.org/