Breakfast & Cynthia Mari Orozco’s Invited Paper: Valuing our Colleagues, Valuing Diversity: Addressing Microaggressions in Academic Libraries

Valuing our Colleagues, Valuing Diversity: Addressing Microaggressions in Academic Libraries

Cynthia Mari Orozco


In the last several years, the term ‘microaggression’ has become increasingly visible through mainstream news sources and conversations happening in higher education. Microaggressions are subtle insults, whether verbal, nonverbal, or visual, that are expressed towards individuals from marginalized communities, which can be based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender expression, or ability. While these are seemingly small occurrences, the impacts of microaggressions are quite significant, potentially leading to uncomfortable or hostile environments and feeling unsafe and excluded. In March 2014, the LIS Microaggressions project was created as an online space to begin having these conversations within the library and information science field. The website collects anonymous user-submitted stories about individuals’ personal experiences with microaggressions at their institutions. This invited talk will address the types of microaggressions that happen specifically within academic libraries, including microaggressions among colleagues or towards our users, and how storytelling and sharing experiences can lead to awareness, dialogue, and strategies for building more inclusive environments in academic libraries.

Will Breitbach, Invited Paper: Web-scale discovery: Utopian dream or dystopian nightmare (or maybe something in between)?

Web-scale discovery: Utopian dream or dystopian nightmare (or maybe something in between)?

William Breitbach​
The earliest depiction of the ideal discovery platform was imagined by Vannevar Bush in 1945.  Eighty years later, information professionals are still struggling with the challenge of creating a single search interface. The most recent rendition of the dream, web-scale discovery, arrived on the scene in 2009 with much promise and exuberance. The apex of excitement peaked around 2012 but the value of such systems remain unclear. After six years of continued development, are these systems delivering the promised value?

Breakfast & Keynote: Dr. Safiya Umoja Noble, Clarifying Our Values: The Power and Responsibility of Library and Information Professionals

Critical library and information scholars continue to demonstrate how our work is shaped by and infused with values, which are not the result of the actions of impartial, disembodied, unpositioned agents. Academic library practices consist of a set of social practices, situated within the dynamics of university power and politics. In this talk, Safiya Umoja Noble will discuss the importance of the academic-activist librarianship community to offer models of intervention through research and teaching, and the importance of examining the consequences and affordances of library and information projects in working toward social justice.

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Exhibits and Poster Session

Poster Sessions:


Going Green Together: Promoting Sustainability and Campus Collaborations

Gayatri Singh, Rachel Myers, Kim Kane, Heather Hayashi

UC San Diego


My Library: Demonstrating Library Value While Building Confident Developmental English Library Users

Ellen Carey, Elizabeth Bowman

Santa Barbara Community College


Guide to the Library: Student Created Infographics

Claire Sharifi

University of San Francisco


“I’ll be your mirror”: Using a “critical friend” group to critically reflect on our teaching

Allison Carr, Torie Quinonez

CSU San Marcos


Cultivating Value by Facilitating Discovery

Carol Doyle, Fresno State University

David Drexler, Fresno State University

George Wrenn, Humboldt State University


Cinderella Ain’t Got Nothing on Us: Teaching Faculty Microagressions towards Librarians

Ahmed Alwan, Joy Doan

CSU Northridge


Student Leadership at the Reference Desk: Overcoming Obstacles to Student Success

Juliana Morley, Stacie Schmidt

Biola University


Inspired by the Framework: A New Information Literacy Test

April Cunningham

Palomar College


Cataloging is Beautiful

Jane Rosario, Jean M. Dickinson

UC Berkeley


The Value of Libraries: Outreaching to our Child Development Center

Sally Romero

Los Angeles Trade-Technical College


Space Invaders: Measuring Use and Satisfaction through Mixed Methods

Nataly Blas, Denise Blanchet, Jennifer Masunaga

Loyola Marymount University


Valuing People, Valuing Spaces: Connecting with Community

Kevin Ross, Carolyn Radcliff

Chapman University


Introducing CORA (Community of Online Research Assignments): Extending Librarian’s Value in a Virtual Community of Practice

Lindsey McLean, Susan [Garder] Archambault

Loyola Marymount University